Dear Conservatory Families,

We desperately need the following snack donations this Saturday:

Small Bottled Water
Juice Boxes
Sunny Delight
Small Bags of Chips
Rice Crispy Treats *
Cookies *
Fruit Roll-ups
Coffee Cups

*All snacks need to be individually wrapped.  We also have a surplus of ramen noodles – please, no more of these!

*Also, please remember to send your kids with small bills or coins. A bag of chips at the FOVA snacks table costs much less than those in the vending machine, and it supports the Conservatory!

PICK-UP REMINDER: For the safety of our students, teachers must see parents pick up their children at the lineup. Please do not wait in the building or leave with your child without first letting the teacher know.

Final Art Show is on 4/6 from 10am to 1pm. Friends and families are welcome! We will be drawing winners of our raffle items on this day.

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