Virtual Art Reception

Congratulations to Conservatory of Fine Arts 40th Anniversary and Gallery showing! Thank you Nicole for putting this Zoom together for the 163 participants and Thank You for all the teachers, staff and volunteers in this extraordinary year!

In an abundance of thanks for Todd and Kelly, we will be emailing a gift card in appreciation for their last 4 years of volunteering. We could not have done it without their generous time, commitment and love for FOVA!

Here is the link to the art show gallery: https://www.artsteps.com/profile/5fea5d2e6a3a7c585e339e6b

This is the Google classroom link to the reception slideshow. The PowerPoint glitched and we missed a couple of Seniors. Please note you will need to use an LAUSD account to access the link. (Student mymail accounts or staff lausd.net accounts.)


Congratulations to our 7 graduates! Please come back and share with us your college experience and stories!

  • Eulmin Park – 3 yrs with Conservatory, going to Otis College
  • Ysabel Tabamo – 4 yrs with Conservatory, going to Otis College
  • Katherine Zepeda – 5 yrs with Conservatory, going to PCC transferring to UC Santa Cruz
  • Emmanuel Alavez – 7 yrs with Conservatory
  • Margaret Mitchell – 7 yrs with Conservatory, going to CSU Northridge
  • Finn Ash McNalley – 8 yrs with Conservatory, going to USC
  • Chandra Phenpimon – 9 yrs with Conservatory, going to George Washington University

Congratulations to our Art Contest Winners!!





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