Weekly Donations

Our FOVA Snacks table is a stable and reliable means of food and beverage options for our kids at the Conservatory of Arts. While providing the students with something to munch on during break, the proceeds from the sale goes directly into student scholarships and art supplies for the classroom. On a weekly basis we go through a lot of food and there are regular favorites that are needed. We ask that as parents, if you can possibly donate these regularly needed items:

Cup-O-Noodles – chicken, beef and shrimp

Chips – all variety, flavors, spicy, 1 to 2 oz bags

Any single serving packaged sweets (Fruit roll ups, cookies, rice crispies, etc..  )

Drinks – 16 or 8 oz bottles of water, all flavor juice pouches and boxes

Plastic forks, napkins, 12 oz Styrofoam cups

Thank you for making The Conservatory of Arts a truly special place for our students. We hope to provide them with a wonderful experience week after week by providing refreshments that they can look forward to during their breaks. We truly appreciate all your help, generosity, and dedication to this amazing program.


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